Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Surf and Sand in Malpais and Santa Theresa

An early 7 am departure from Monteverde took us down the arid, agricultural landscape of the Pacific side of the Continental divide. The rough boulder roads turned into smooth tarmac and the drive was smooth sailing all the way to ferry in Puntarenas. Here we met Diane and Kevin, a wonderful couple from Nova Scotia. It would turn out that we would end up in the same town and share some laughs together.

The locals serenade us with song for the duration of the short 1 hour ferry crossing to Pacqura. Another few hours of dodging crater-like pot holes and we finally arrive at Frank's Place, a popular hang out. Unaccustomed to the surge in temperature, I don't recall when I appreciated air con and a swimming pool so much even though the pool water was warmer than the air temperature! At least it was wet! A lovely bar serving 2 for 1 Mojitos for Happy Hour, a cooler plunge pool and large green iguanas basking in the sun just topped off the 4 day chill out.

We walked to the beach to watch the sunset. This was a daily ritual for visitors and locals alike. Larissa tried swimming in the waves and became a body surfing machine. She just wanted to keep swimming.

Over the next several days, we chilled out by the pool, went body surfing in the ocean, browsed around town, dabbled in some shopping, drank beer and Mojitos, walked along the beach, explored other beaches up the coast, visited the Rain Forest Sanctuary for rescued animals, went shopping and lunch in Montezuma....a nice chill out to end the holiday.

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