Sunday, February 14, 2010

Salute from San Jose

We are relaxing in the outdoor hotel lounge sharing a glass of vino tinto (or blanco). It is Chinese New Year so we have reservations for this evening at a well known San Jose Asian restaurant to celebrate Chinese New Yearś for Mikey. Happy New Year Sal and Wing!

We arrived yesterday all together but with a little bit of luck. TACA airlines had double booked all 5 of us....we just started grabbing any available seat. The Opportunist that I am managed to grab a Business class seat at the front of the plane. One poor guy had to leave the plane because there were not enough seats so it was a good idea I boldly grabbed that last seat in first class. I must say the hot wet towels, free wine, first class snack and service could not be appreciated by a more enthusiastic recipient. Ahhh....too bad it was the short haul flight. If only I could afford to travel in style all the time. To add to my pleasure, I sat beside this wonderful business man from Switzerland (Spanish speaking) who was chatting me up.

We met up with Barb and Bob (Stevenś parents) at the hotel, freshened up and went to a Caribean restaurant written up in my Frommerś guide. Lucky again. It had not occured to any of us that it was Valentines Day and every Tico had reserved the tables for romantic Valentine dining. Lucky for us. They agreed to seat and feed us since we were only interested in eating followed by an early departure for an early evening to bed.

Today we visited the Gold Museum and browsed around San Jose on foot. Admittedly, I have seen enough of Costa Ricaś capital. It has little to offer but it was nice relaxing day anyhow.

We returned to hotel - click on the link to your on this blog for the website. Aranjuez wonderful little place with lots of charm, inexpensive, hostel-like atmosphere but a beautiful spread for breakfast that is to die for! Amazing breakfast.

I had a poor sleep last night because the walls are like paper. I had a singing Romeo in the room beside me. This bohemian dude kept breaking out into song during his waking hours. He woke me up at 5 am. I figured out who is was when I heard him break out into song at breakfast. Yes, he has changed rooms for tonight. Good thing for him because he may have lost his life.

We are early to rise tomorrow to pick up our rental cars and drive to Arenal Volcano with a morning stopover visit to Poas Volcano.


  1. Hey Lis,
    Can't wait to hear how Arenal Volcano (I hear it's "young" because it's less than 7000 years old!) and Poas Volcano (did you see any fumaroles?) were. Hope you have a better night sleep tonight! Did you hear that Canada won their first Olympic Gold on home soil? It was in men's moguls and was awesome.
    Keep having fun and relaxing!

  2. 5 medals now, I hear but Olympic news is difficult to come by here since Costa Rica does not enter...

  3. Hi Lisa
    This is my fourth attempt in four days to send you a message. Bob finally came to the rescue. I have enjoyed reading about your holiday. It brings back memories of my trip to Costa Rica. Thanks for sharing. The metal count is now 8 in total.