Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Slice of Heaven in Neuvo Arenal

As it turned out, the lovely hike to La Fortuna Falls would be the end of our good weather. Rain, rain and more rain.....After 3 days in the Arenal area, we never did catch a glimpse of the infamous Arenal Volcano. There were no eager takers for the hot springs either. No one seemed interested in simmering in hot tubs with the rain beating down on their foreheads. I was keen but, Oh well. I did it last visit 14 years ago and have the fond memory.

We were supposed to spend 4 nights in Arenal but there was a goof up by the proprietor. The error in that 4th night reservation turned out to be a blessing. We secured a booking at a lovely B and B called Nicolas Chalet in Neuvo Arenal, a small community created after the 1968 volcanic eruption of Arenal Volcano that wiped out the old town of Arenal. The young Neuvo Arenal is located on the man made Arenal Lake.

Owned by a very friendly American couple with 3 gorgeous great Danes, we relaxed at Chalet Nicolas on the Tico style rocker chairs lining the front of the house our host John filled bird feeders fruit to coax wing endowed visitors. Watching birds is very relaxing especially with a glass of vinho blanco/tinto. We had a German schnitzel dinner, retired early and awoke to macadamia pancakes made by our hostess Cathy who revealed her secret of a local wholesale macadamia nut grower. We picked up wholesale nuts but wished the rain had not ruined an opportunity to see the macadamia plantation. Bummer again. Nonetheless, the memory will return at year end as I predict that some kind of macadamia nut cookie will be on my Christmas cooking baking roster this year!

This is a very happy looking Latanville family (minus Mikey who is out taking bird photos). I bought 2 of these rocking chairs so I hope they look just as good in my backyard. You will have to come over for a glass of wine to check them out.

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